Expectant mothers may travel up to 32 (thirty-two) weeks with no medical certificate. From 32 (thirty-two) to 35 (thirty-five) weeks, a signed letter by a suitably qualified Gynaecologist or General Medical Practitioner is required.

The signed letter must state the following:

  1. Passengers' due date and term of pregnancy.
  2. Any possible complications including hypertensive Passengers, history of premature labour, etc.
  3. The letter should also advise the Airline of the latest date up to which the Passenger is expected to be fit to travel.
  4. Whether it is single, multiple, or high-risk pregnancies.

From the start of the 36th (thirty-sixth) week of pregnancy, expectant mothers will not be accepted for travel.

We urge all expecting mothers to consult with their physician to determine whether it is safe to travel by air‚ including with due consideration to the possibility of turbulence‚ cabin pressurization‚ a significantly increased risk of deep vein thrombosis associated with pregnancy and lack of ready access to medical care.

Women with a history of complications or premature delivery should not fly at all. By travelling with us‚ pregnant women acknowledge and accept these risks.