You can change your flights online by following these easy steps. 

Please note that online flight changes are applicable for all passengers in a booking. Should you wish to only change a flight for one passenger, please get in touch with our Customer Support Desk on Whatsapp at 076 650 0972 or email

Step 1 - Manage Booking

  • Click on the Manage Booking button on your confirmation email, or visit the Manage Booking page
  • On the Manage Booking page, enter your Reference number (385#####) and Last name, and click the SEARCH button 

Step 2 

You will be redirected to the Manage Booking portal where you will be able to do the following: 

Click the CHANGE FLIGHTS button.

Step 3 - Select Flights to Change

A CHANGE THIS FLIGHT button will appear in the flight blocks. Select the flight you wish to change. 

You will be able to select either one or both flights to change for a return flight booking. 

Step 4 - Select New Dates

Once you have selected the flights you wish to change, a date calendar will appear. Select the new date for the flights you wish to change, and click the SEARCH FLIGHTS button.

Step 5 - Change Flight Notice

A notification will appear informing you of the Change Request. Please take note of the information in this notification.

Step 6 - Flight Selection

You will be presented with the available flights for the date you have selected. If you have opted to change both flight dates for a return flight booking, the departing flight will display first, the return flight options will be displayed after selecting your departing flight.

PLEASE NOTE: The pricing displayed on this page is the difference in fare between the new flight and your original flight. Flights that are more expensive than your original booking will need to be paid before the change will be confirmed. 

Step 7 - Flight Review

Review your newly selected flight times and the price difference. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you only wish to view the difference in fare DO NOT click CONTINUE. Progressing to the next page will automatically cancel your original flight times and be replaced with the new flight times. This can not be undone online. To return to your original booking click the RETURN TO MY BOOKING button.

Step 8 - Review

Any extras booked with the original flight will be removed and will need to be rebooked for the new flight. Click the ADD EXTRAS button should you wish to add extras, or click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT.

Step 9.1 - No Payment Required

If there is no price difference between your new booking and your original booking you only have to accept the T&Cs and click Continue. 

Step 9.2 - Payment Required

If there is a price difference, the difference needs to be paid before your new flight dates will be confirmed.