Sporting and Musical equipment is considered part of your baggage allowance as per the fare you have purchased and must comply with the checked baggage restrictions. The max dimensions of any sporting or music equipment may not exceed 200cm x 80cm x 75cm or 23 kg. Any equipment larger than the prescribed sizing and weight may incur a Heavy Bag charge‚ or depending on the size and weight of the item it will need to be couriered to your destination. 

Additional bags can be purchased if you exceed your baggage allocation.


  • 200cm x 80cm x 275cm
  • Max 23kg



If you're travelling with one bag of clothing that needs to be checked in, and one golf bag:

  • Purchase two checked bags when travelling on the Economy - No Bag fare
  • Purchase one additional checked bag when travelling on the Economy - Bag fare
  • Both bags are included as checked baggage on the LIFT Premium fare